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Why donate?

After a long process of planning and construction – of Fluxo as an organization, and also as a physical space – the time has come for us to activate the current between Fluxo and the people who believe in what we're trying to do. 

We're looking for support from the many people who, along with us, feel a growing sense of concern about the direction the media seems to be taking. There are multiple futures opening up in this brave new world of mass communications: shrinking panoramas in traditional media vehicles; 'native advertising' masquerading as editorial content; large, powerful media outlets that don't pay for the content they commission – all of this, and more.

But we know, too, that projects like Fluxo represent other, parallel futures, as part of a new, flourishing, grassroots ecosystem of independent media. It's not just Fluxo: there are many groups like ours, in Brazil and internationally, and that's an exciting, encouraging thought. 

We're already hard at work, transmitting live streaming programmes on the most urgent and important subjects we know, with the most interesting and informed of possible participants. We've covered subjects like the water crisis, the war on drugs, occupied São Paulo, indigenous rights and the legacy of the World Cup. (See recordings of our live-streamed and pre-recorded programmes here, including one in English, on the ruralist lobby in Brazilian political power.) We have much more content planned, but we need some help to keep this thing going. 

Our content is and always will be open to all; but we need those who are willing and able to pay a little for it, to do so. Please consider supporting us, via a Paypal monthly subscription of R$15 – the cost of a Netflix subscription, or the price of a glossy magazine – or if you're able, via an R$100 monthly membership plan.


R$15 per month

  1. Help to renumerate and increase Fluxo's team of producers and collaborators.
  2. 10% to 20% discount on all our products, courses and parties. 
  3. 30% discount on our series of "Journalism in Flux(o)" events.
  4. Get a Fluxo zine.


R$ 100 per month

- Restricted to 100 members -

  1. Take part in our series of "Journalism in Flux(o)" events at no extra cost.
  2. Become part of Fluxo's editorial board, taking part in one online editorial meeting per month. 
  3. 30% to 60% discount on all our products, courses and parties. 
  4. Be on the guest list for our regular parties at Farol, the building in which we are based.
  5. A silk-screened poster or Fluxo T-shirt. 
  6. Get a 4 Fluxo zines per year.


We encourage our supporters to consider signing up for a monthly donation in the ways outlined above. But we're also, of course, very grateful for any other assistance you can offer to help us keep the studio going, whether by one-off donations or by other means.

And not only in the form of money. We need to improve our infrastructure with photo, video and audio equipment, as well as computers and smartphones.

Tripods, drones, cases …

If you have anything that might help, we've love it.